Is reading still important in the digital age? We asked our students for feedback— listen in to hear what they told us!

Here at Reading Therapy Center we believe that reading is EVEN more important in the digital age.

Why do we think this? Lacking the ability read or write well can make your time at school or work (even with technology to assist you) more difficult and cumbersome. It is drastically limiting to what you can do and accomplish.

Our students came up with a few examples of why reading is so important when it comes to understanding and communicating in the digital world. See below:

1. Everything is centered around reading: internet articles, email, text, even voice activated technology does require reading and comprehension skills

2. To accurately complete online forms, applications, etc., it is important to understand what you are reading, agreeing to, submitting, etc.

3. In many professional and personal interactions — spelling and writing skills are needed to ensure effective communication through emails, texts, proposals, etc.

4. With the push toward online purchasing, it would be easy to be taken advantage of financially if you didn’t understand each part of the ordering process.

5. Many trainings, classes and seminars are conducted online. Many of these online trainings include PowerPoint and PDF resources to accompany each class — being able to read and understand this learning material is vital.


What do you think? Is reading important in the digital age?