While there is a social myth that it is okay to have poor math skills, the reality is that a math disability can be seriously handicapping in adult life.  In today’s world, mathematical knowledge and problem-solving ability are no less important than reading ability.

  • Individualized instruction paced to the student’s needs
  • The program is valid and can be linked to MN and ND state standards
  • Manipulatives, language and mental imagery are used extensively
  • Each area is taught in a way that develops a solid understanding—not just memorization
  • The program is thorough and sequential, filling in “gaps” of knowledge a student may have.  We do not simply “pick-and-choose” an area of math to work on each day.
  • The program covers all content areas: numeration, operations, measurement, time, money, fractions, etc.
  • The program can address higher-level math difficulties, such as fraction, decimal, percent, early algebraic equations, etc.—addressing math knowledge through the 7th grade level.
  • Previous training and experience in using the On Cloud Nine® and Discover Math® programs, has led to a comprehensive approach to math remediation at the Reading Therapy Center.  

Utilizing the RTC© Program, students use language, concrete manipulatives, and mental imagery to understand math concepts.   They learn how to think and talk about numbers, relate math concepts to one another, and develop a solid understanding of our mathematical system.

Instruction is individually paced according to the student’s needs.  New concepts are introduced, while older concepts are reviewed daily until they become internalized.  The student uses his/her language to explain, and therefore, fully understands each concept.

Wondering if your child could benefit from Math Therapy?  Start with these indicators:

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