The Reading Therapy Center, Inc., was originally established in Willmar, Minnesota, in 2003.  Since that time, the Reading Therapy Center expanded, adding a branch location in Moorhead, Minnesota in 2009.  Both centers serve clients living within the cities of Willmar and Moorhead, as well as those living in outlying communities in Minnesota and North Dakota.  It is not unusual for clients to travel one to two hours daily to receive services at either of our locations.

Students’ underlying processing difficulties are addressed at our centers using the Lindamood-Bell® , Discover Meaning®, and Reading Therapy Center© remedial programs.  As a therapy center (versus a traditional tutoring center), our teaching sessions are one-to-one, intensive, and change the way an individual’s brain processes information.  We provide clients with the basic skills needed to succeed in school and society.

In addition to our programs, nothing differentiates the Reading Therapy Center, Inc. from other resources more than the involvement of the entire staff with each client.  In implementing a plan of action, several staff members work with the client and the entire staff has input. This cooperative effort draws on the perspectives and abilities of a pool of experts.

* “[Trademark or Service Mark (i.e. Lindamood-Bell®] is a [trademark/service mark] of Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® (“LBLP”). LBLP in no way guarantees the quality of the materials or services that may be supplied by Reading Therapy Center, Inc. Reading Therapy Center, Inc. is not affiliated with, certified, licensed, monitored or sponsored by LBLP, Nanci Bell, Phyllis Lindamood, or Pat Lindamood.”

Susan R. Meyer

Owner, Speech/Language Pathologist

Willmar Office Director

B.A., Communication Disorders, South Dakota State University

M.A., Communication Disorders, University of South Dakota

ASHA Certified, Minnesota State Licensed

36 years of experience in Speech/Language Pathology

24 of these years have been specialized in the areas of language, reading, writing, and comprehension disabilities.

Chontelle M. Hansen
Moorhead Office Director, Clinician

B.S., Special Education, Minnesota State University Moorhead

M.S., SLD Special Education, Minnesota State University Moorhead

14 years of experience working with students with learning difficulties/disabilities- specifically in the areas of dyslexia and dyscalculia