Does Your Child Exhibit the Warning Signs of a Reading Difficulty?

Have you noticed that your child has little interest in reading, complains about how hard it is or totally avoids it at all costs? The last thing a parent wants to see is their child struggling — obvious statement, right? However it can be extremely difficult to know when to take action or who to turn to. Your child’s choices will not be limited due to a lack of reading skills if the right steps are taken to reach improvement. That’s what we help with here at Reading Therapy Center.

“Reading problems are not just laziness, or something the parent did wrong or the teacher taught wrong. It also has nothing to do with how smart you are. We have very intelligent children who we see that just can’t read — that’s it. They just can’t get the words off the page. So we have to get past this — we have to focus and look at the research and do something to help children.” — Reading Therapy Center Director Sue Meyer


If your gut is telling you it may be time to take action and see if your child does have a reading difficulty, then we have an easy way to start. Take our quick six question Warning Signs of a Reading Difficulty quiz. After you fill out the questions and submit we will review your results and send you feedback and suggestions via an email. This is our area of expertise and we would love to chat with you see if help is needed.

Start the quiz now! Please click on the picture below that fits the age group of your child.

At Reading Therapy Center, we help bring dyslexia, mathematics and language comprehension difficulty issues to light, and we work with students and parents to create a specialized program that addresses the issue.


Reading is a challenge for as many as 20-30% of our children, or two or three children out of ten. A child can have average or above average intelligence, but still struggle to read.


Sue Meyer, Director of Reading Therapy Center, explains the misconception about Dyslexia, and also “phonemic awareness weakness “, watch here:

What Kind of Change Could Reading Therapy Center Make in Your Child’s Life?


“You and your staff worked wonderfully with our son several years ago and we are all forever grateful. He is now 16 years old and has confident reading skills. Just last month he gave me a handwritten birthday card (one I will always keep!) and thanked me for finding a way to help him read. Thank YOU!” — Past Student Parent Shana


I was fortunate enough to work with Sue in elementary school! Explaining how much she helped me is almost impossible. I went from a below average student not reading at her grade level in elementary school, to an honors student in high school, and I just graduated with my masters of science in nursing at the top of my class. I am so thankful you followed God’s plans Sue! I truly believe without you I wouldn’t be where I am! Thank you a million times over!” — Past Student Stephanie


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