“Dear Reading Therapy Center,
You are very nice. I am thankful for having you. You really helped me at school. Thanks to you I think I will be able to go after my dream. My dream is to be a vet. You helped me get more trust. Thank you”


Lisa (10 years old), student

“I am very pleased to see my grandson taking this course. He looks forward to the class. His improvement in reading is important in everything he does.”

Bob, Grandparent

“The reading program was our last resort. Max had tried several other educational routes to improve his reading skills. We are very thankful to have heard about this program. Our experience has been very beneficial. Max learned the tools he needed to become a successful reader. Max’s confidence and enthusiasm for reading has changed tremendously. He is excited to start school and face new challenges with the tools he has been taught. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude. Thanks for all the patience from the teachers and to Sue for following her dream and giving a lot of young children a chance to be successful in life!”


Michelle, parent

“Thank you so much for the gift of the Reading Therapy Center! The work you and your staff do is outstanding and appreciated. It has been fun to see Parker’s progress these past months, it is amazing.”

Tim and Sarah, Parents

“Last fall, the Reading Therapy Center diagnosed our 7 year old daughter with a significant language disability… Ashley had difficulty learning and remembering the names of letters, mispronounced words, complained about how hard reading was, would leave the room when it was time to read, had immature speech (i.e. would say nana for banana, or libary for library)… Ashley has made great gains… before the intensive therapy, Ashley had little interest in reading or even listening to her bedtime stories. She often refused to sit and listen and would rather go entertain her youngest brother. Since then Ashley keeps a basket full of books she can read all by herself and she is the first one on the couch for bedtime stories. We were fortunate to have detected this early and be able to offer this therapy. Early detection and effective treatment are two essential ingredients in overcoming a disability. The staff at the Reading Therapy Center has worlds of knowledge and expertise in language disabilities. We are extremely grateful for their services!”

Lori, Parent

“We too need to say Thank You for all you have done for Issac. Words cannot express how pleased we were at the progress he made and his willingness to read. Even as he wrote his note to you, he was sounding out and writing it all by himself. When I asked if it was sad to be done, he said “yeah, it was fun going there.” Amazing! I also want to say how much I appreciated your help in getting him on the KAT bus. It was so nice to not have to sit at work and worry if it all went. Thank you again so much, you are all a God send!!”

JoLynda and Joel, Parent

“It has been about 1 ½ years since Nathan left the Reading Therapy Center and I have no way to express the wonderful change you have made in his life. I feel such joy listening to him read out loud. He reads reports in school in front of his class and reads the paper and discusses the articles with me. How can I explain what that is like? I know he will be able to do anything he wants to do with his life now. His choices aren’t limited anymore by his lack of reading skills… Thanks also for the caring and support you gave us. You made us feel like family.”

Kathy, Parent

“We just had teacher conferences for Logan. He got a 100% on his math test. His favorite class is math and when you ask him why he says because of all the tutoring he had. His teacher said he could do a commercial for the Center because he tells everyone about it. Thanks again.”

Sue, Parent

“I just have to share with you real quick…Parker’s teacher called me this evening to let me know how he did on his NWEA test in reading today. He scored a 170 this fall, he scored a 200 today! 199 is grade level! We are so proud of him and all his hard work. Also thanks to you all there for the help you have given him.”

Sarah, Parent

“There are not the right words to say when such a blessing has been given! Thanks so much for your desire to help children and show them love and give them value in theior hearts and minds!”

Byron and Mari, Parents

“Thank you for helping me at Reading Therapy Center. You make me laugh. I have lots of fun with you.You make learning fun! I can’t wait to come back this summer! Thanks for everything!”


Kalley (9 years old), student