Frequently Asked Questions from Teachers

Many Teachers reach out to the Reading Therapy Center, Inc. (RTC) wondering exactly what we do. They know we can offer that extra help, but they aren’t sure of the entire process.

Here’s what we know:
As a Teacher, it’s easy to feel like you are not doing enough. There are many considerations, often leaving a Teacher feeling powerless. When you see a child struggling all you can think about is, “HOW can I help them?”. How can I make the greatest impact?

This is where RTC can step in and help. Our specialized therapies train the brain and offer individual attention to address the needs of a Student who struggles with Dyslexia (a reading disorder), comprehension, writing or math.

From a Teacher’s Perspective

Kelly, now a Reading Therapy Center, Inc., teacher, reflects on her time as a teacher in the public school system and chats about understanding now how the therapies done at the RTC retrain the brain and focus on that individual’s needs.

“It’s not the students, teachers or parents’ fault – you need a different approach than what you can do in a classroom.” – Kelly RTC teacher, former public school teacher.

Sue and Christy answer the question “What is the RIGHT thing to do?”

The Frequently Asked Questions We Get from Teachers the MOST

How can Reading Therapy Center help me as a teacher? Is it just extra tutoring?

RTC is not a tutoring program. We provide specific therapies to help correct reading, writing, comprehension, language and math difficulties. These therapies are performed in a one-to-one setting which is very difficult to do in the classroom.

Am I doing something wrong? My student is falling behind, but I don’t think I can help him or her keep up with the pack.

No, you are not responsible. A student with Dyslexia needs the proper therapies to help them address their individual needs and teach them to perceive sounds and syllables in spoken words (phonological awareness).

What do you do at the Reading Therapy Center?

Our work is truly life-changing!  We see individuals who struggle with reading, writing, comprehension, language and math. Our unique, intensive therapies address the core cognitive issues allowing permanent, powerful changes to happen impacting a person’s academic abilities and daily life skills.

How is RTC different than a reading intervention?

Our unique therapies are intensive, individualized, and brain changing.  Rather than repetitive practice of skills, underlying cognitive abilities are being changed thereby allowing the child to perform the tasks required in school and elsewhere.

What’s the best way to reach out to the RTC?

When traditional approaches in the classroom and/or special education have not beeen enough, students are in need of more specialized, intensive treatment.  The process begins with an evaluation at the Reading Therapy Center, Inc., from which we can determine if intensive therapy is needed. The sooner a child begins to receive treatment the greater the gains.

Don’t hesitate to call or email with quetions. We are here to help. You can contact us at or call at (320) 214-7011.

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