Tune in to hear what our RTC students shared with Sue and Christy (some of their answers took us by surprise!)

And see what we didn’t mention in video, but heard from students in the text below:

The Top 10 Reasons Reading Therapy Center is unique according to students…

1. It feels like home to me.
2. It feels easier at RTC than school. It doesn’t feel like class.
3. I don’t have to move on until I fully understand a concept.
4. I never feel rushed. I don’t feel stressed.
5. It’s quieter at RTC and easier for me to focus.
6. The RTC staff focus on what I can’t do — and give me the tools to change that.
7. There is a loving, warm, gentle atmosphere at RTC.
8. It feels like we are family; I feel safe.
9. I work by myself with a teacher.
10. I can use everything I have learned at RTC to help me when I am in school.


If you are interested in learning more about the RTC — we have the perfect video for you! Tour the RTC in Willmar HERE.