Why Reading Therapy Center is Not Only a Service, but a True Ministry

By Sue Meyer

When I was a child, about eight years old, I started to exhibit weakness in my hands. A disease process was taking over my body at the time with loss of function and strength in either my hands or legs.

I had been everywhere and no one could figure it out.

About age 35 this took over my life. I couldn’t carry anything — I could hardly walk and I was looking at life in a wheelchair. I had no choice, but to try to get this figured out.

As I look back on it now, God’s timing is everything.

I traveled into the cities for an appointment to see if I could get some help or answers. The doctor that I was supposed to see wasn’t there. And so I saw another doctor and within a half hour he had figured out what was wrong with me.

And at that time, even if I had been there a few months earlier they wouldn’t have known the treatment they had started me on. God turned my life around.

I remember feeling overwhelmed… with God’s grace and his love. I remember saying… God, use me.

One thing led to another and within a two to three week period of time, I was on my way to California to be trained in a therapy that could change a person’s reading disability into an ability.

I would have never guessed I would be doing that — but this is where God wanted me to be.

As we all know frustrations and challenges come to all of us in life — and we all need hope — children need hope.

The hopelessness I once felt is what I see in a child’s or adult’s eyes when they struggle with reading, math or language. They feel as if there is no hope for what is going on in their life.

If I can change that feeling of despair that’s what I want to do. And that’s why my team’s goal and mission is to use Reading Therapy Center to change lives and give hope for the future!

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