Reading is a challenge for as many as 20-30% of our children, or two or three children out of ten. A child can have average or above average intelligence but still struggle to read. The primary reason for reading and spelling difficulties is weak phonemic awareness.

While there is a social myth that it is okay to have poor math skills, the reality is that a math disability can be seriously handicapping in adult life.  In today’s world, mathematical knowledge, thinking and problem solving ability are no less important than reading ability.

One of the biggest problems for children and adults with weak comprehension skills is that they do not visualize the information they read or hear.  They may image only parts of what they’ve read or heard making recall of the information very difficult. Because of this it is will be difficult for them to process and analyze the information, determine the main idea, make conclusions and predictions, recall details and form opinions of their own. They will have gaps of information and will possibly struggle with writing and verbal communication.

At Reading Therapy Center, we help bring the issues to light, and we work with students and parents to create a specialized program that addresses the issue.  Click the photos above for more information.